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  • Lito Lapid in Angeles City
    published on Sun, 29 Jun 2014 06:35:49 -0700
    LEON GUERRERO -- Manuel "Lito" Lapid is a always an interesting character. He is a good copy for people in media. His life story is one for the books. Seldom he opens his mouth, but when does, he makes sense. How many times he was insulted by people who don't know him, and even people who were once close to him? Yet he ticks. When he run against then incumbent Governor Bren Z. Guiao in the ......
  • Talk to Papa Joe: Nahanaw
    published on Thu, 03 Jul 2014 07:23:08 -0700
    DEAR Papa Joe, Ako si Miss S, 24, taga Pardo. Naa koy BF, si F, 29 iyang edad. Four months na mi nagkarelasyon. Mga one month nga wala koy balita niya kon asa siya ug naunsa siya. Last namong kita nisulti siya nako nga naa siyay training sa IP system. Fifteen days siya nga mawala. But before siya mag training, magkita una mi ug iya......

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